Walking shoes aren’t made for biking…

Since November I’ve been working part time as a Freewheelin’ Bike Guide for Humana Healthcare. They have a bike sharing program with 18 bikes set up at their community center in northeast Mesa. I teach a required 1 hour safety session based on LAB curriculum, hand out and fit free helmets and also lead group rides four days per week. The program is going well, it’s free and open to the public and has been well received. We were accident free until today. I had a lady in my class wearing walking shoes, you know, the kind with the high curved sole on the bottom which force you to roll your feet? (Rollers!) They look like athletic shoes, but athletic they are not! During our group ride after the safety session, she attempted to put her foot down at a 4 way stop and the high sole caused her to roll her ankle and lose balance. She fell over sideways and received a few minor scrapes & cuts on her face. Unfortunate, but once again confirms the LAB curriculum point about proper footwear.

The other thing this has made me rethink is wearing glasses while riding, I may have to give contacts another try, or rather get a 2nd pair of flimsy framed glasses. The lady would have escaped with minor abrasions, but her metal framed glasses were pushed down bridge of her nose leaving a decent size piece of skin dangling. Certainly not pleasant and I can’t imagine what metal framed glasses could do during a high speed accident.

Ride safe, wear flat sole shoes.