Big Storm!

Witnessed some serious storms here in the past 14 years, but nothing like the one we had yesterday/night. I would’ve liked to have gone for a bike ride today but I spent most of my time dealing with 60+ feet of property line fencing blown over by the wind and big patches of missing shingles on the roof. Lots of phone calls sitting at the table staring at my bike. Talked with neighbors and tenants and landlords along my shared wall. Temporary fence in place and tarps on the roof to prevent further damage from tonight’s rain thanks to a local contractor with whom I hope for a great experience.

Weather next week looks to be awesome and I’m hoping I can get up for a day of snowboarding in the near future. I miss being a snowboard instructor sometimes, this would have been an awesome time to be stranded up at Sunrise Park Resort.

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  1. By Scott Walters, January 25, 2010 @ 10:11

    Totally down for a ski/snowboard trip. Last year, Ryan and I hit Sunrise on short notice. Would be awesome to put a posse together.


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