How I became 802-BIKEGUY, Part 1

My interest with biking as an adult was rekindled in the late 90’s when I purchased a 6 Speed Huffy Causeway beach cruiser from Walmart. I spent many hours on that bike riding around the greenbelt paths of NW Chandler, AZ. Mileage racked up on that bike was just under 3,000 miles. It was purely recreational riding, for the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

Aside from recreational riding, in early 2004 I adopted a 1 year old Husky from the pound. Shortly thereafter I began biking her as she really seemed to enjoy running. A year later I adopted another Husky and I’ve been running them attached to my bicycle (one at a time) ever since.

Fast forward to 2006. New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat festival came to Tempe for the first time that October. I attended, on the Huffy (sans costume except for a straw hat that looked like a lampshade), and had an incredible time! Shortly after Tempe’s inaugural Tour de Fat I purchased a gently used Marin AXC Northside Trail mountain bike. I began riding much more on the mtn bike than I ever had on the Huffy, and enjoying it much more as well.

Come Tempe’s 2007 Tour de Fat festival, I volunteered to help a local bike group (Tempe Bicycle Action Group) do setup for the event. Again, I had an incredible time and successfully orchestrated getting 9 folks dressed up as DEVO (We are DEVO). I was riding my bike pretty regularly, though I had not made an attempt to commute to work as it was 10.5 miles and for some reason I thought biking along Van Buren Street sans bike lane was too much for me (which I now regret thinking, as it would have been quite easy).

Another year down and this brings us to Tempe’s Tour de Fat festival in October 2008. Again I volunteered to help with setup and with some help pulled off getting 27 people dressed up as Waldo from Where’s Waldo (Not all 27 in this photo...). The biking thing was sticking, unlike other hobbies I had taken up as an adult. By this time I knew I had found something I was passionate about. So when Tempe Bicycle Action Group announced they were electing new board members later that month I nominated myself for a board position. I was elected with 6 other individuals in November of 2008. What followed was a whirlwind of all things bike and for which I shall begin a new post…

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  1. By joey, March 8, 2011 @ 21:37

    That’s pretty cool tom. I think we all have a similar story of getting bit by the tempe biking bug. Can’t wait to hear about the bike cellar saga.

    Ride on!

  • Time for a Bike In, Bike Out policy | 802-BIKEGUY — January 6, 2011 @ 13:23

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