On becoming LCI certified…

Being part of TBAG has increased my interest in bikes many times over since I was elected to the board. In March of 2009, TBAG sponsored me to become a certified League of American Bicyclists League Cycling Instructor. I traveled down to Tucson where the course was being held and thanks to a discount from http://arizonacasita.com, I stayed a two minute walk from the classroom. The course is pretty intensive, 5 hours on Friday, 9 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. I learned quite a bit, a lot of the course focused on “how to teach” rather than learning the curriculum.

Three Tucson bike cops took the course, a lady from Indiana, a local Tucson woman, and a guy from Prescott that’s heavily involved in the bike scene there. I had no idea Prescott was so “bikey”.

I’m working on getting bike education up and running in Tempe on a regular basis, once I have a class scheduled I’ll post it here as well as on the TBAG blog.

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