On the 802-BIKEGUY moniker…

As I was taking the aforementioned Bike Saviours 8 week maintenance class, I was quite lucky to happen upon an ad on Craigslist for a bike work stand and toolset listed at less than 1/2 of retail price. I jumped at the opportunity to buy it and have been offering basic repair services ever since. I’ve mostly tuned friends bikes, and done some occasional bartering.

I’m fairly hesitant about giving out my cellphone number, especially on Craigslist, so the receipt of a Google Voice invite was timed pretty well with this decision to begin offering repairs and advice. After searching on various bike related terms I hit upon the monkier “bikeguy” and found an available Google Voice number in the Vermont 802 area code. Hence the name of this blog. I’ve been using this Google Voice number for any bike related activities I’m involved with.

While on the topic of Google Voice, I’ve also hooked up TBAG with a vanity number as well, 214-444-TBAG. Google Voice is an incredible service and I hope Google takes its time in deciding whether or not to begin charging for the service.

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