New Bike! 2009 Kona UTE

Can you really ever own too many bikes? I don’t think so. I actually didn’t purchase a whole bike, just 1/3 of it. The Bicycle Cellar, fellow TBAG board member Joe Perez and I each went in 33.3% on a 2009 Kona UTE cargo bike 2009 Kona UTE. I’ve always wanted a cargo bike, but I just couldn’t justify the cost to purchase one. Sharing ownership of a cargo bike with a few other folks makes perfect sense. We’ll primarily be storing the bike at The Bicycle Cellar and here’s hoping our plans for using the bike don’t conflict. The other cool thing we’re doing, is making the bike available for rent! So if you’re looking to rent a cargo bike, you’ll soon be able to do so at The Bicycle Cellar.

I’m really looking forward to riding this bike when it arrives. It will be the first long wheelbase bike I’ve ridden, except for stretch cruisers. I’m very curious how the gearing will feel. I found it interesting that Kona chose to outfit the bike with double instead of a triple up front, opting for a bashguard instead of a 3rd chain ring. Do they suspect that someone will be log jumping a cargo bike? Their choice of gearing up front is also interesting, a 26/36 instead of a more common 22/32 or 24/34 mountain gearing. The rear cassette is an 8 speed 11 – 32. I’ll post a review of the bike after I’ve spent some time with it. I plan on taking it to the Phoenix Public Market one Wednesday to pick up some produce after it arrives.