We-Cycle Grand Opening in Mesa

A new community based bicycle service center is opening in Mesa on Sunday February 21st. They’re located at 714 E. Brown Road #103 in the warehouse behind Buchanan’s Music Store. Bob, the founder, has been running the operation out of his garage for awhile now, but he’s recently secured a space and applied for 501c3 non profit status. Congrats to Bob & We-Cycle. I wish them well. It’s good to have another co-op in the valley. Bob doesn’t have his shop hours worked out quite yet, so best to call him if you’re interested in visiting after Sunday (his # is below). Here’s a quick rundown of the co-op type operations in the valley that I know off the top of my head:

Bike Saviours in Tempe
601 W. University in the back warehouse of Sunset Clothing Exchange

Rusty Spoke in Phoenix
1301 NW Grand Avenue at Fractal

Karmaracer in Mesa
Located on Baseline Road east of Arizona Avenue (Call them for exact location)

We-Cycle in Mesa (website forthcoming)
714 E Brown Road #103 at Brown & Horne
Contact Bob at 602-516-0002 for more information

How pedicabbing changed the way I ride a bike

Prior to pulling a pedicab, I was a slow cadence pedal-er, probably in the 60 rpm range. I was lucky to average 16mph over 5+ miles if I pushed myself. I preferred to spin slowly in a higher gear in a more anaerobic fashion. This probably stemmed from my riding a 6 speed beach cruiser for many years. Since I’ve begun pedicabbing, my cadence has increased. I now prefer an 80+ rpm cadence and I can ride 1-2mph faster on average with no additional effort. It also seems that I find myself riding with more intensity and I certainly don’t coast as much as I used to, it’s given me some drive to just keep pedaling, that’s for sure.

Moral? If you want to become a better bicyclist, become a pedicabber. And if you happen to be interested in training with a loaded pedicab, get in touch, I can make it happen.