Prepping for the Phoenix Open…

I pedaled around Papago Park today a bit, man am I out of shape, not muscularly, but cardiovascularly. It’s amazing how quickly one’s lung capacity (Vo2?) can increase or decrease with regular exercise or lack thereof. I’m assuming most know, but for those who dont, I own and operate a pedicab company with my business partner, Mike. We’re pedicabbing the Phoenix Open from Feb 22nd to Feb 28th. Should be a unique and fun experience, but it’s been a month or so since I’ve been on the pedicab regularly and I need to whip my lungs into shape, fast! Pedicabbing is definitely more aerobic than anaerobic, it requires good lung capacity and endurance. I’m going to try and ride Papago 3 times next week in the afternoons. Hopefully by the 22nd my chest doesn’t feel like there’s a 16lb bowling ball sitting on it when I’m sucking in air.

P.S. Is anyone other than those getting paid to do so, really going to call it the “Waste Management” open?

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