New cables and it’s like buttah!

After a particularly grueling number of days pedicabbing the Waste Management Phoenix Open culminating in a torrential downpour on Saturday night, I decided my bike needed a major tuneup. Aside from frayed ends on all my cables, I had been neglecting a few things including a cracked cable housing end and a front shifter cable that was missing one strand from the majority of the exposed cable section. I picked up some beefy aluminum cable housing ends and all new cables (two brake, two shift) for less than $15. After removing all the cables I dripped some Tri-Flow lube into the cable housings. I let the lube work it’s way into the housings as I performed a major cleaning and de-gunking. I then installed the new cables and proceeded to do a full tuneup. All I can say is, wow, new cables make a HUGE difference. It almost feels like I have a new bike.