18 broken spokes!

Yesterday I replaced 18 spokes across 5 of our pedicab wheels. All of the broken spokes were inside spokes. One wheel had 7 broken spokes all in a row. I don’t know a ton about wheel physics, but that must have been some serious load or impact! Dealing with ordinary 26″+ wheels at the bike shop, I’m always amazed at how out of true a wheel goes with one or two broken spokes. It was very strange, but the wheel with 7 broken spokes was still almost perfectly true. Most certainly attributed to the fact it’s a 20″ 48 spoke wheel. I have to say I’m surprised at the durability of the wheels we’re using, granted I did buy very stout wheels, but I personally have had 1,200 lbs on my pedicab before. That’s 600 lbs on ONE 20″ bike wheel! I’d like to see some destructive testing done to see at what point a wheel would actually fail catastrophically.

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