Anti-seize, USE IT!

Tools you should never have to use on a bicycle: Mapp gas torches and chisels. I used both on Friday. The crank arms on this particular bike were seized onto the bottom bracket spindle. Seized on so well that using a crank arm extractor tool ended up stripping out the threads from the softer aluminum cranks. I had to soften the aluminum crank arms with the torch and go at them with a hammer and chisel to free them from the bottom bracket spindle. The fixed bottom bracket cup was another issue altogether that involved a trip to the bike shop to put the cup in the bench vise. I was able to turn the frame with significant leverage that I couldn’t get with a 12″ socket drive and a fixed cup removal tool.

When assembling the larger parts of a bike such as the bottom bracket, crank arms, pedals, seatpost, etc. Use anti-seize paste on threads and metal to metal surfaces. It will make the task of disassembling in the future much more pleasant.

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