Single speed bikes = great workout!

When I say single speed, I mean single speed road style bikes, like the Kona Paddy Wagon, not a single speed beach cruiser. I’ve taken our demo bike out on a few rides up the Scottsdale greenbelt and all I can say is, single speed bikes are a great workout. Aside from that, they’re also really fun to ride and require very little maintenance. The Paddy Wagon is set up with 42×16 gearing. The front chainring is 42 teeth and the rear freewheel is 16 teeth. Unless you want to be mashing on the pedals, you really want to be in the 75 – 90 cadence range. At 80rpm you’re doing 16.5mph and at 90rpm you’re doing 18.5 mph. That’s a pretty good clip and the high cadence results in more aerobic effort meaning it’s a great cardio workout. The Paddy Wagon is set up with a flip flop rear wheel, one side is free (freewheel, aka single speed) and the other is fixed (aka fixed gear, the pedals never stop turning). You can flip the wheel around and switch between a single speed and a fixed gear. One of these days I’ll give the fixed gear side a chance. For now, I’m happy coasting.

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