The IKEA bike shaped object

I love IKEA, been going since I was a little kid, but it saddens me to think that corporate management thought it was a good idea to give this piece of crap bike shaped object to all their employees as a bonus. I’d wager a 5lb bag of Swedish meatballs this bike was made in China at a wholesale cost less than the retail on a 5lb bag of Swedish meatballs. If I worked at IKEA I would feel like Clark W. Griswold as he opened his “Jelly of the Month” club membership. Notice the one piece crank, and the crimped/spot welded seat/chainstays at the rear dropout. And what’s with the full suspension design frame that lacks any suspension at all? Might I recommend that if you received one of these bikes you promptly donate it to a homeless person in need of a bicycle. How awesome would it be if as a group, the 12,000+ employees that received a bike donated them all to homeless folks? Now that would be a statement by IKEA employees that would put corporate management to shame and put a positive spin on their otherwise horrible decision. If you work at IKEA Tempe and received one of these bikes, please consider donating it to one of the following organizations: We-Cycle Mesa, Central Arizona Shelter Services or Tempe Community Action Agency.


IKEA Bike Shaped Object