Pack it in, pack it out!

A friend of mine is wanting to do a sprint triathlon next year. To that end we went out to the Pecos Road / 40th Street Park and Ride to do a 13.x mile out & back ride heading west on Pecos road turning around where it ends at Chandler Blvd. I’ve never ridden this road before, it’s not bad, I flatted once. Terrain is rolling, slightly more elevation gain heading east than west. I wouldn’t want to ride it with heavy car traffic. 50mph speed limit, wider paved shoulder, but I’m sure most motorists do 60+ mph. I don’t often ride roads of this type so I was surprised at the amount of trash along the roadway. I also saw enough cyclist specific trash to prompt me to write this post calling out my fellow cyclists. Are some of you really too lazy to pack out a co2 canister or energy food wrapper? If so maybe you should buy a fucking trainer, ride in your living room and litter there instead. Granted the ratio of cyclist:motorist trash is extremely low, but that’s no excuse AT ALL.

I’m thinking that a cyclist initiated roadway clean-up ride is in order, maybe sometime January 2011? I’ll volunteer to pull a flatbed bike trailer with 90 gallon recycling & trash bins.

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