Waiting for the POC Trabec helmet

The one problem with Interbike is seeing next year’s generally not yet available products. The product I’m waiting for is the 2011 POC Trabec helmet, which isn’t available until Mid February. I’ve never spent more than $30 for a helmet based on the fact that a $30 helmet and a $200 helmet both meet the exact same safety standard set by the CPSC. The helmets I’ve owned have been comfortable enough, or so I thought! After trying on the new POC helmets I will be buying a Trabec model when available. It was the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever worn, period. I heard this statement echoed by several people that tried them. The Trabec retails for $145 if I remember correctly, significantly more than my $30 helmets. However, given the exceptional fit and unique design/color schemes, I believe it will be money well spent. The only question now is, which color? I’m leaning towards the green as it stands out and visibility is one component of safety.

POC Trabec & Trabec Race

POC Trabec & Trabec Race

Also notable for 2011 are the new OnGuard Bulldog locks. They’ve eliminated the tacky yellow rubber end caps on the locking bar and finished the ends with a minimalist flush fit plastic end plug instead. I’ve always found the rubber end caps to interfere with the U part of the lock when putting the lock together. They also start to discolor and degrade in the Arizona heat quite quickly. Unfortunately there are no detailed pictures to be found of the new 2011 models so you’ll just have to wait until they’re available.

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