Tour de February, 28 days of bike riding!

Tour de Feb is a concept devised by Australian Richard Heycock in response to Janathon, which prompts runners to run every day in January. Tour de Feb seeks to motivate cyclists to ride every day in February. You set your own goal, no mileage requirements, just ride each day. I’ll be participating and I’ve also thrown a pair of Crank Brothers Egg Beaters pedals into the mix as a prize up for grabs to anyone that rides each day in February. If you’re interested, please visit the site, sign up and share your goal. To be eligible for prizes you have to blog or tweet about each ride, details are on their website.

New bike parts? Torque the bolts!

I installed a new crankset on my mountain bike about 50 miles ago. Took it out for a ride this morning and not long into the ride began to hear a “kling kling kling” sound while pedaling. After a bit of looking whilst riding, noticed that the smallest chainring was hanging on by a single bolt that was barely hanging on itself! The other 3 bolts had loosened up and fallen out along the way somewhere. I’m just happy I was in the middle ring and didn’t fold the small chain ring under load! Lesson learned, never trust manufacturers to torque bolts properly. I’ll probably add some low strength loctite to the mix to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.

Adventures in wheelbuilding, Part 0

Having become fairly proficient at wheel truing and replacing spokes, I’m about to build some bicycle wheels. I’ve read Sheldon Brown’s wheelbuilding guide, as well as several other sources of wheelbuilding information. Seems straightforward as a concept but obviously one that takes a lifetime to master. I have two pairs of late 80’s road wheels with hubs in great shape, but the rims not so much. As these are not high performance wheels, nor will they be heavily used, I’m re-using the spokes. I’ve found rims that match the ERD (Effective Rim Diameter) in both cases. I’ll be using Velo Orange PDP polished alloy rims to rebuild a late 80’s Shimano 105 hub set, and Sun CR 18 polished alloy rims to rebuild some Japanese Sansin hubs. I’m going to ghost one pair over, and build the second pair from scratch. Ghosting a wheel involves taping the new rim to the old rim and moving the spokes over one by one. I’m going to build the second from scratch so I can go through the whole process of lacing up trailing and leading spokes, getting the cross pattern correct, slowly tightening up the spokes, etc. I’ll post some pictures and Part 1 after they’re complete.

The Bicycle in Art

Found these two bicycle related art pieces lately, sharing is caring!

First one is a time lapse video of a Dutch artist influencing bicyclist parking behavior using tape, the film is titled Bicycle Swarm.

Second we have The Typographic Bicycle, view the larger version to get the full effect. I especially like the representation of the cog.

Typographic Bicycle

Typographic Bicycle

An easy way to aggregate bicycle related news

Using the Googleplex you can aggregate bicycle related news in two easy steps. First, create an alert in Google Alerts, second, view that alert as a feed in Google Reader.

First, create your alert at

Google Alert

Google Alert

Next, once the alert has been created, click the “View in Google Reader” link and you’ll pop over to Google Reader where you can view alert items. Alternatively you can copy the feed URL and view the feed in your RSS reader of choice.

View the FAQ in Google Alerts for creating more specific queries, including filtering results. I have a few different alerts on different cycling related terms. There’s also a Google Reader app for Android so you can read on the go.

Time for a Bike In, Bike Out policy

I think it’s time to institute a Bike In, Bike Out policy so as not to own too many bikes. To keep the Schwinn Mirada I posted about recently, I ended up putting my Huffy Beach Cruiser out on long term loan to a friend, if/when it comes back I’ll likely sell it on Craigslist. It’s been a great bike and it reintroduced me to bicycling as an adult, but I’ll never ride it again. On to the “new” bike… I just scored a beauty last night (photo below) that I think I’ll be keeping. So it’s probably time for another bike to leave the house either on long term loan, or via sale. This is a 1987 Fuji Tivoli, which, according to, sits in the middle of their road bike lineup. It’s a Tange Infinity double butted CroMoly steel frame, and as they say, Steel is Real. I’ve recently become enamored with turquoise colored bicycles, I’m not sure why. I’m just happy this bike is my size, a nice late 80’s build and turquoise. In any case, I’ll be refurbishing it with white cable housing, fresh white bar tape and swapping out the seat for a white seat. I have a Shimano 105 component group from the late 80’s which I may swap onto this bike as an upgrade of sorts. I’ll post pictures when completed.

1987 Fuji Tivoli

1987 Fuji Tivoli