Adventures in wheelbuilding, Part 0

Having become fairly proficient at wheel truing and replacing spokes, I’m about to build some bicycle wheels. I’ve read Sheldon Brown’s wheelbuilding guide, as well as several other sources of wheelbuilding information. Seems straightforward as a concept but obviously one that takes a lifetime to master. I have two pairs of late 80’s road wheels with hubs in great shape, but the rims not so much. As these are not high performance wheels, nor will they be heavily used, I’m re-using the spokes. I’ve found rims that match the ERD (Effective Rim Diameter) in both cases. I’ll be using Velo Orange PDP polished alloy rims to rebuild a late 80’s Shimano 105 hub set, and Sun CR 18 polished alloy rims to rebuild some Japanese Sansin hubs. I’m going to ghost one pair over, and build the second pair from scratch. Ghosting a wheel involves taping the new rim to the old rim and moving the spokes over one by one. I’m going to build the second from scratch so I can go through the whole process of lacing up trailing and leading spokes, getting the cross pattern correct, slowly tightening up the spokes, etc. I’ll post some pictures and Part 1 after they’re complete.

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  1. By swine-flu, March 3, 2011 @ 05:03

    A lifetime to master? Get real. I think I’ve built 8… and I can do a 36h 3x in 90 mins start to finish now… with spoke washers, proper tension, and pre-stressed for precision truing.

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