Time for a Bike In, Bike Out policy

I think it’s time to institute a Bike In, Bike Out policy so as not to own too many bikes. To keep the Schwinn Mirada I posted about recently, I ended up putting my Huffy Beach Cruiser out on long term loan to a friend, if/when it comes back I’ll likely sell it on Craigslist. It’s been a great bike and it reintroduced me to bicycling as an adult, but I’ll never ride it again. On to the “new” bike… I just scored a beauty last night (photo below) that I think I’ll be keeping. So it’s probably time for another bike to leave the house either on long term loan, or via sale. This is a 1987 Fuji Tivoli, which, according to ClassicFuji.com, sits in the middle of their road bike lineup. It’s a Tange Infinity double butted CroMoly steel frame, and as they say, Steel is Real. I’ve recently become enamored with turquoise colored bicycles, I’m not sure why. I’m just happy this bike is my size, a nice late 80’s build and turquoise. In any case, I’ll be refurbishing it with white cable housing, fresh white bar tape and swapping out the seat for a white seat. I have a Shimano 105 component group from the late 80’s which I may swap onto this bike as an upgrade of sorts. I’ll post pictures when completed.

1987 Fuji Tivoli

1987 Fuji Tivoli

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  1. By nick, June 5, 2012 @ 12:53

    hey i own the same bike, atleast i think its close to the same model and color, how much do you think i can sell it for? it needs some minor work although i think its in overall good condition.

    let me know.

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