POC Trabec helmet, stuck seatposts, etc

Talked with the shop’s POC rep a few days ago. Apparently the new POC helmet models, including the Trabec, will not hit American soil until April 1. Bummer.

I have come across several discussions of stuck seatposts lately, and I wanted to share this almost surefire way of removing a stuck seatpost without having to worry much about damaging the frame. Photo documentation of having cut out a seatpost with a hacksaw.

Also talked to Salsa today. I was looking for their Fargo 29’er fork with a 470mm axle to crown distance. However, I could only find the 442mm axle to crown Fargo fork through distributors. Apparently the former is a suspension corrected fork only available with the Fargo frame, but it will be available individually in late April/early May.

Bike On!