City of Tempe shafts employees who bike commute

Tempe had a nice program going for their employees that commuted to work by bicycle. It offered them $100 per calendar year spendable on bicycle related services/merchandise. Word is this program is being eliminated and the funds set aside for the program are being re-directed to the annual Bike to Work Day event.

Great job Tempe! Nothing like shafting your regular bike commuters to throw away money on a poorly attended one day event. If you’re only riding your bike to work one day a year, guess what, you’re not a bike commuter.

I’m not trying to imply Bike to Work Day isn’t a worthy idea, I’m sure the event has motivated some cyclists to become regular commuters (or at least that’s what I hope). However, I believe it was a very poor decision by City of Tempe to redirect money away from employees who commute multiple days per week, to a one day “feel good” event.