Interbike 2011 Recap

A great time, once again. Judging by the swag, bicycle companies had a better year. SRAM probably gave away $10,000 worth of product including 4 top of the line full mountain component kits, a handful of their new 15xx gram 29’er suspension forks, bunches of carbon handlebars and countless hats, t-shirts, etc. Best beer goes to Nuun for pouring Rogue Dead Guy. Two things that stood out: The amount of carbon fiber has increased significantly, and utilitarian cycling is becoming more of a market segment. Bike-packing / mountain touring is a growing niche. POC offers a fluorescent yellow version of their Trabec for 2012 and I have a weak spot for fluorescent colors. Electric assisted bicycles made a bigger showing this year and the electric bike test track seemed to be a crowd pleaser. One company showed a small electric powered trailer that hooks up to any bike in mere minutes, offered decent speed/range and even provided cargo space in the trailer as the battery/motor only occupied about 1/3 of the volume. 20 gram co2 cartridges have hit the market. I have enough chain lube samples to last me another year. The new Specialized Purist water bottle with the Watergate valve is nice, perfect high flow bottle for the desert heat. Cygolite displayed a 10,000 lumen light straight out of their R&D department. Props to Fuji for bringing back a classic steel line, complete with vintage logos. This year’s World Bicycle Relief number is 87,265 and one of these days I’m going to get a Seersucker bike rack just because they’re mounted with big ass suction cups.