Cygolite Hotshot 2 watt rechargeable rear bicycle light

It’s not often I talk about specific products in a review style manner. This one however, deserves some attention. We got Cygolite’s Hotshot rechargeable rear light in the shop and it’s fantastic. First of all, rechargeable. I’ve been rocking rechargeable front lights for 5+ years now. No more batteries! Second, standard Mini USB type B connector cable to re-charge from a wall brick, computer, USB solar panel, auxiliary USB battery pack or 12v socket. Your typical techie has several Mini USB cables lying around at any given time. Third, TWO WATTS (bright!). Fourth, adjustable flash rate (in flashing modes) and brightness (in always on mode). Fifth, super dim setting offers up to 500 hours, FIVE HUNDRED HOURS! of light for emergency lighting, map reading, etc *and* since it’s red it preserves night vision. Sixth, only $10 more than a Planet Bike Superflash Turbo. Seventh, do you really need any more reasons to check it out?