Video: Pedro’s Cable Cutter vs. Park Tool Pro Cable Cutter

When I first started working at the shop we had a pair of Pedro’s Cable Cutters. They were great, until someone broke them trying to cut a cable lock off a customer’s bike. We bought a set of Park Tool Pro Cable Cutters. In less than 6 months they weren’t cutting cables perfectly clean, sometimes making it difficult to pass a cable through housing. You had to cut quickly and pull the cable taut while cutting. We had Park Tool warranty them, but eventually had same problem. We went back to Pedro’s and here’s why:

This is not a specific jab at all Park Tools. Park makes wonderful tools and we have many here in the shop, but as far as cable cutters go, go Pedro’s! And no, the warranty pair of Park cable cutters has not been mistreated, nor is the pair of Pedro’s brand new.