The sad shape of the occasional cyclist’s bicycle

Having attended a small kids focused community bicycle event earlier today, I must express my disbelief at the sad shape of most of the bicycles at the event. The environment takes a heavy toll on disused bicycles. UV and heat degrade all the rubber, plastic and paint. As they’re haphazardly moved from place to place in garage, shed or backyard, the components and wheels are often dinged, dented or simply broken beyond repair. Some even suffer serious damage from a misjudged car parking job. Most of the tires were one curb or pothole impact away from blowing out due to dry rot. Wheels were wobbly, chains rusted, brakes barely functional and bolts were loose. It’s mind boggling to me that parents let their children ride these klunkers, most without a helmet! Do you and your children a favor, show the family bikes some love! If possible, store your bikes inside the house, climate control will extend their service life significantly.