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The sad shape of the occasional cyclist’s bicycle

Having attended a small kids focused community bicycle event earlier today, I must express my disbelief at the sad shape of most of the bicycles at the event. The environment takes a heavy toll on disused bicycles. UV and heat degrade all the rubber, plastic and paint. As they’re haphazardly moved from place to place […]

What kind of bicycle tools do I need?

I see this question posed on various bicycle related sites on a regular basis. I have answered it more than once. Therefore, I decided to put together a document which provides a comprehensive listing of tools based on “must have”, “nice to have” and categorized by type of work needing to be performed. Bike Tool […]

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Need a new bicycle chain? Check out this chain test data first.

Looks like there’s finally some controlled environment testing of bicycle chains for both longevity and stretch under load. Wipperman chains of Hagen, Germany contracted a company called Cantitoe Road to perform testing on a wide array of chains including their Connex chains. The details and test data can be found here at Cantitoe’s website. Looks […]

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POC Trabec helmet, stuck seatposts, etc

Talked with the shop’s POC rep a few days ago. Apparently the new POC helmet models, including the Trabec, will not hit American soil until April 1. Bummer. I have come across several discussions of stuck seatposts lately, and I wanted to share this almost surefire way of removing a stuck seatpost without having to […]

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Peugeot Marseille Mixte Bicycle Before & After

I recently happened upon a matched pair of Men’s/Women’s Peugeot Marseille bicycles. I’ve refurbished a few Peugeots, and these are the nicest, most modern ones I’ve come across. Here’s the mixte:

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New bike parts? Torque the bolts!

I installed a new crankset on my mountain bike about 50 miles ago. Took it out for a ride this morning and not long into the ride began to hear a “kling kling kling” sound while pedaling. After a bit of looking whilst riding, noticed that the smallest chainring was hanging on by a single […]

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Adventures in wheelbuilding, Part 0

Having become fairly proficient at wheel truing and replacing spokes, I’m about to build some bicycle wheels. I’ve read Sheldon Brown’s wheelbuilding guide, as well as several other sources of wheelbuilding information. Seems straightforward as a concept but obviously one that takes a lifetime to master. I have two pairs of late 80′s road wheels […]

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Building a cheap commuter bike

Commuting by bike has increased in recent years, and so has bike manufacturer offerings in the “commuter bike” category. If commuting by bike is something you’re interested in, you can get into it much cheaper than rushing out and buying a $600+ dollar commuter bike. How? Find a quality late 80′s to mid 90′s rigid […]

18 broken spokes!

Yesterday I replaced 18 spokes across 5 of our pedicab wheels. All of the broken spokes were inside spokes. One wheel had 7 broken spokes all in a row. I don’t know a ton about wheel physics, but that must have been some serious load or impact! Dealing with ordinary 26″+ wheels at the bike […]

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Random thoughts on bike maintenance

On bringing back gummed up trigger shifters from the dead. I used to apply Tri-flow liberally, let it sit, actuate the shifters and blow the Tri-flow out with an air compressor. MESSY! Usually had to repeat this process at least twice. Now using an ultrasonic cleaner with full strength Simple Green brings shifters back to […]

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