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Anti-seize, USE IT!

Tools you should never have to use on a bicycle: Mapp gas torches and chisels. I used both on Friday. The crank arms on this particular bike were seized onto the bottom bracket spindle. Seized on so well that using a crank arm extractor tool ended up stripping out the threads from the softer aluminum […]

How the mind of a woman netted me $40+ worth of free socks…

Shop owner: You like Smartwool? 802BIKEGUY: I love Smartwool! Shop owner: Want some free Smartwool socks? [Wife's name] says I can’t have the same color socks as she does as she’ll never be able to tell the sizes apart in the laundry and the return process with [vendor] is cumbersome. 802BIKEGUY: Absolutely! Ah, women… In […]

Two new bike projects…

Not new bikes, but new bike projects. In the past week I’ve picked up two used bikes (thanks Craigslist & random thrift shop!). The first is a lovely 52cm French made Gitane Criterium which was upgraded (some time in the 90′s) with a full Shimano 600 group. My sister is looking for a more road-worthy […]

Bike Shaped Objects

As someone who has helped many folks buy bicycles both used and new, I’m surprised I haven’t shared this information on the blog sooner. There are Bikes and then there are Bike Shaped Objects. I use the term “Bikes” to mean bicycles purchased at bike shops or bike shop bicycles purchased used on Craigslist or […]

Hello again bike lovers!

I’ve not posted in awhile, but I have motivations to get it going regularly again, starting with a short bike related news update. A month or so ago I started working for The Bicycle Cellar. They’re a great full service bike shop and commuter facility (secure parking, showers, etc) located on the ground floor of […]

New cables and it’s like buttah!

After a particularly grueling number of days pedicabbing the Waste Management Phoenix Open culminating in a torrential downpour on Saturday night, I decided my bike needed a major tuneup. Aside from frayed ends on all my cables, I had been neglecting a few things including a cracked cable housing end and a front shifter cable […]

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We-Cycle Grand Opening in Mesa

A new community based bicycle service center is opening in Mesa on Sunday February 21st. They’re located at 714 E. Brown Road #103 in the warehouse behind Buchanan’s Music Store. Bob, the founder, has been running the operation out of his garage for awhile now, but he’s recently secured a space and applied for 501c3 […]

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On the 802-BIKEGUY moniker…

As I was taking the aforementioned Bike Saviours 8 week maintenance class, I was quite lucky to happen upon an ad on Craigslist for a bike work stand and toolset listed at less than 1/2 of retail price. I jumped at the opportunity to buy it and have been offering basic repair services ever since. […]

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Bike Saviours Bicycle Maintenance Course

If you’re into bikes and you’re not familiar with Bike Saviours, you should be. They’re a non profit bike co-op in Tempe doing great work for the community. Going on a year now they’ve been holding 8 week bicycle maintenance courses that are free and open to the public. The course is pretty comprehensive and […]