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The sad shape of the occasional cyclist’s bicycle

Having attended a small kids focused community bicycle event earlier today, I must express my disbelief at the sad shape of most of the bicycles at the event. The environment takes a heavy toll on disused bicycles. UV and heat degrade all the rubber, plastic and paint. As they’re haphazardly moved from place to place […]

The IKEA bike shaped object

I love IKEA, been going since I was a little kid, but it saddens me to think that corporate management thought it was a good idea to give this piece of crap bike shaped object to all their employees as a bonus. I’d wager a 5lb bag of Swedish meatballs this bike was made in […]

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Two new bike projects…

Not new bikes, but new bike projects. In the past week I’ve picked up two used bikes (thanks Craigslist & random thrift shop!). The first is a lovely 52cm French made Gitane Criterium which was upgraded (some time in the 90′s) with a full Shimano 600 group. My sister is looking for a more road-worthy […]

Bike Shaped Objects

As someone who has helped many folks buy bicycles both used and new, I’m surprised I haven’t shared this information on the blog sooner. There are Bikes and then there are Bike Shaped Objects. I use the term “Bikes” to mean bicycles purchased at bike shops or bike shop bicycles purchased used on Craigslist or […]