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“The Congress recognizes that bicycles are the most efficient means of transportation…”

The Congress recognizes that bicycles are the most efficient means of transportation, represent a viable commuting alternative to many people, offer mobility at speeds as fast as that of cars in urban areas, provide health benefits through daily exercise, reduce noise and air pollution, are relatively inexpensive, and deserve consideration in a comprehensive national energy plan. Yes, that’s right, our nation’s […]

Bike commuter basics: Layering clothing for colder weather

This topic has come up a few times recently so I figured I’ll write a blog post about it. You’ll find that I don’t talk about cycling specific clothing. There are two reasons for this. One, I consider myself a plain clothes cyclist. Aside from a few short sleeve jerseys and a pair of leg […]

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Cygolite Hotshot 2 watt rechargeable rear bicycle light

It’s not often I talk about specific products in a review style manner. This one however, deserves some attention. We got Cygolite’s Hotshot rechargeable rear light in the shop and it’s fantastic. First of all, rechargeable. I’ve been rocking rechargeable front lights for 5+ years now. No more batteries! Second, standard Mini USB type B […]

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City of Tempe shafts employees who bike commute

Tempe had a nice program going for their employees that commuted to work by bicycle. It offered them $100 per calendar year spendable on bicycle related services/merchandise. Word is this program is being eliminated and the funds set aside for the program are being re-directed to the annual Bike to Work Day event. Great job […]

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Tour de February, 28 days of bike riding!

Tour de Feb is a concept devised by Australian Richard Heycock in response to Janathon, which prompts runners to run every day in January. Tour de Feb seeks to motivate cyclists to ride every day in February. You set your own goal, no mileage requirements, just ride each day. I’ll be participating and I’ve also […]

Building a cheap commuter bike

Commuting by bike has increased in recent years, and so has bike manufacturer offerings in the “commuter bike” category. If commuting by bike is something you’re interested in, you can get into it much cheaper than rushing out and buying a $600+ dollar commuter bike. How? Find a quality late 80′s to mid 90′s rigid […]

Bike to Work trips by Gender

According to the Alliance for Bicycling & Walking’s 2010 Benchmarking report, women make up only 23% of nationwide trips to work on bike. Conclusion? We need more boobs on bikes! Rhode Island and Alaska are the only states that achieve 40% or greater. Just thought I’d throw that little tidbit out there.

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32 mile bike commute I’ve yet to attempt

8:30am: Up early on what looks to be a lovely partly cloudy day in Phoenix. Any day that the sun isn’t constantly blaring down in this town makes my day a little better. I’ve never been one to wear sunglasses, and now that my eyesight is a little worse than it used to be the […]

How I became 802-BIKEGUY, Part 2

Shortly before I was elected to the board of Tempe Bicycle Action Group (aka TBAG) I began working on Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe after a 3 year absence. I started to commute to work 3 days per week at 6.7 miles each way. The building I was working in had showers so it was […]