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Pack it in, pack it out!

A friend of mine is wanting to do a sprint triathlon next year. To that end we went out to the Pecos Road / 40th Street Park and Ride to do a 13.x mile out & back ride heading west on Pecos road turning around where it ends at Chandler Blvd. I’ve never ridden this […]

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Building a cheap commuter bike

Commuting by bike has increased in recent years, and so has bike manufacturer offerings in the “commuter bike” category. If commuting by bike is something you’re interested in, you can get into it much cheaper than rushing out and buying a $600+ dollar commuter bike. How? Find a quality late 80’s to mid 90’s rigid […]

Single speed bikes = great workout!

When I say single speed, I mean single speed road style bikes, like the Kona Paddy Wagon, not a single speed beach cruiser. I’ve taken our demo bike out on a few rides up the Scottsdale greenbelt and all I can say is, single speed bikes are a great workout. Aside from that, they’re also […]

Prepping for the Phoenix Open…

I pedaled around Papago Park today a bit, man am I out of shape, not muscularly, but cardiovascularly. It’s amazing how quickly one’s lung capacity (Vo2?) can increase or decrease with regular exercise or lack thereof. I’m assuming most know, but for those who dont, I own and operate a pedicab company with my business […]