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Bicycle Times & Dirt Rag Magazine

Just a short post to drop some props on Bicycle Times & Dirt Rag magazine. Two great publications, the former being my favorite for plain clothes cyclists like myself. Also a thanks to both as I won a Minewt 600 light in their 2011 year end sweepstakes. My favorite 2011 article would have to be […]

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Interbike 2011 Recap

A great time, once again. Judging by the swag, bicycle companies had a better year. SRAM probably gave away $10,000 worth of product including 4 top of the line full mountain component kits, a handful of their new 15xx gram 29’er suspension forks, bunches of carbon handlebars and countless hats, t-shirts, etc. Best beer goes […]

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Home brewed BEER!

Someone once told me I should blog about beer, homebrewing specifically, in addition to bikes. Bikes and beer go together very well. I won’t philosophize on why, but those in the know can likely offer many reasons including the fabulous Tour de Fat. Suffice it to say, I love bikes and I love beer. I […]

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Peugeot Marseille Mixte Bicycle Before & After

I recently happened upon a matched pair of Men’s/Women’s Peugeot Marseille bicycles. I’ve refurbished a few Peugeots, and these are the nicest, most modern ones I’ve come across. Here’s the mixte:

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Tour de February, 28 days of bike riding!

Tour de Feb is a concept devised by Australian Richard Heycock in response to Janathon, which prompts runners to run every day in January. Tour de Feb seeks to motivate cyclists to ride every day in February. You set your own goal, no mileage requirements, just ride each day. I’ll be participating and I’ve also […]

Who says nothing good ever came out of the 80’s?

Having refurbished quite a few bikes in the past 6 months, I have decided to pull this bike out of my shed and give it a go. Here’s a “before” picture. I got this bike brand new in 1987 or 1988 from Wooden Wheels Skate Shop in Newark, Delaware. I was about 12 years old. […]

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Monthly bike related post…

I just sat down to write a blog post and realized it’s exactly one month since I last wrote, the 20th of September. New goal, one post per week. Interbike was fun. Based on comments from those who attended in years prior, the amount of schwag was way down, and attributed to the slow economy. […]

How the mind of a woman netted me $40+ worth of free socks…

Shop owner: You like Smartwool? 802BIKEGUY: I love Smartwool! Shop owner: Want some free Smartwool socks? [Wife’s name] says I can’t have the same color socks as she does as she’ll never be able to tell the sizes apart in the laundry and the return process with [vendor] is cumbersome. 802BIKEGUY: Absolutely! Ah, women… In […]

The road bike dilemma and Tempe’s Western Canal

Every now and then I get the idea that I might like a road bike. My problem however, is that I love the “ride anywhere” possibilities of a mountain bike. I mainly ride my ’06 Marin Northside Trail which rolls on 2.4″ fatty Maxxis Holy Rollers, but after putting 31.x miles in pulling the pedicab […]

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