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18 broken spokes!

Yesterday I replaced 18 spokes across 5 of our pedicab wheels. All of the broken spokes were inside spokes. One wheel had 7 broken spokes all in a row. I don’t know a ton about wheel physics, but that must have been some serious load or impact! Dealing with ordinary 26″+ wheels at the bike […]

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Hello again bike lovers!

I’ve not posted in awhile, but I have motivations to get it going regularly again, starting with a short bike related news update. A month or so ago I started working for The Bicycle Cellar. They’re a great full service bike shop and commuter facility (secure parking, showers, etc) located on the ground floor of […]

New cables and it’s like buttah!

After a particularly grueling number of days pedicabbing the Waste Management Phoenix Open culminating in a torrential downpour on Saturday night, I decided my bike needed a major tuneup. Aside from frayed ends on all my cables, I had been neglecting a few things including a cracked cable housing end and a front shifter cable […]

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How pedicabbing changed the way I ride a bike

Prior to pulling a pedicab, I was a slow cadence pedal-er, probably in the 60 rpm range. I was lucky to average 16mph over 5+ miles if I pushed myself. I preferred to spin slowly in a higher gear in a more anaerobic fashion. This probably stemmed from my riding a 6 speed beach cruiser […]

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Prepping for the Phoenix Open…

I pedaled around Papago Park today a bit, man am I out of shape, not muscularly, but cardiovascularly. It’s amazing how quickly one’s lung capacity (Vo2?) can increase or decrease with regular exercise or lack thereof. I’m assuming most know, but for those who dont, I own and operate a pedicab company with my business […]

The road bike dilemma and Tempe’s Western Canal

Every now and then I get the idea that I might like a road bike. My problem however, is that I love the “ride anywhere” possibilities of a mountain bike. I mainly ride my ’06 Marin Northside Trail which rolls on 2.4″ fatty Maxxis Holy Rollers, but after putting 31.x miles in pulling the pedicab […]

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