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“The Congress recognizes that bicycles are the most efficient means of transportation…”

The Congress recognizes that bicycles are the most efficient means of transportation, represent a viable commuting alternative to many people, offer mobility at speeds as fast as that of cars in urban areas, provide health benefits through daily exercise, reduce noise and air pollution, are relatively inexpensive, and deserve consideration in a comprehensive national energy plan. Yes, that’s right, our nation’s […]

Tour de February, 28 days of bike riding!

Tour de Feb is a concept devised by Australian Richard Heycock in response to Janathon, which prompts runners to run every day in January. Tour de Feb seeks to motivate cyclists to ride every day in February. You set your own goal, no mileage requirements, just ride each day. I’ll be participating and I’ve also […]

Pack it in, pack it out!

A friend of mine is wanting to do a sprint triathlon next year. To that end we went out to the Pecos Road / 40th Street Park and Ride to do a 13.x mile out & back ride heading west on Pecos road turning around where it ends at Chandler Blvd. I’ve never ridden this […]

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Single speed bikes = great workout!

When I say single speed, I mean single speed road style bikes, like the Kona Paddy Wagon, not a single speed beach cruiser. I’ve taken our demo bike out on a few rides up the Scottsdale greenbelt and all I can say is, single speed bikes are a great workout. Aside from that, they’re also […]

The road bike dilemma and Tempe’s Western Canal

Every now and then I get the idea that I might like a road bike. My problem however, is that I love the “ride anywhere” possibilities of a mountain bike. I mainly ride my ’06 Marin Northside Trail which rolls on 2.4″ fatty Maxxis Holy Rollers, but after putting 31.x miles in pulling the pedicab […]

Tuesday January 19th, 2010 in Azuki, Just for Fun, Marin, Pedicab, Routes, Western Canal | 2 Comments »

Watering the dead…

I like roundabout routes that get me seeing things other than stop lights, cars and the all too familiar cookie cutter strip malls in Arizona. I’ll go a few miles out of the way to hit canals or crosstown bike routes to avoid major streets. I also like cutting through parks and other interesting places […]

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