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“The Congress recognizes that bicycles are the most efficient means of transportation…”

The Congress recognizes that bicycles are the most efficient means of transportation, represent a viable commuting alternative to many people, offer mobility at speeds as fast as that of cars in urban areas, provide health benefits through daily exercise, reduce noise and air pollution, are relatively inexpensive, and deserve consideration in a comprehensive national energy plan. Yes, that’s right, our nation’s […]

ASU about to shaft College Avenue bicyclists?

Word on the street is that redevelopment of the large ASU owned parcel on College Avenue between 5th Street and University Drive, includes elevation plans that show complete REMOVAL of bike lanes from College Avenue running the entire stretch between 5th Street and University (the north end campus entrance). Approval of these plans by Tempe […]

How not to endo your bike

To “endo” is slang for flipping over your handlebars, very rarely is this intended or fun. I taught a brief safety & handling course at Tesseract School in Phoenix today. It’s a private high school that’s put aside regular classes this week and tasked all teachers with starting a club. A teacher that just moved […]

On becoming LCI certified…

Being part of TBAG has increased my interest in bikes many times over since I was elected to the board. In March of 2009, TBAG sponsored me to become a certified League of American Bicyclists League Cycling Instructor. I traveled down to Tucson where the course was being held and thanks to a discount from […]

How I became 802-BIKEGUY, Part 2

Shortly before I was elected to the board of Tempe Bicycle Action Group (aka TBAG) I began working on Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe after a 3 year absence. I started to commute to work 3 days per week at 6.7 miles each way. The building I was working in had showers so it was […]

How I became 802-BIKEGUY, Part 1

My interest with biking as an adult was rekindled in the late 90′s when I purchased a 6 Speed Huffy Causeway beach cruiser from Walmart. I spent many hours on that bike riding around the greenbelt paths of NW Chandler, AZ. Mileage racked up on that bike was just under 3,000 miles. It was purely […]