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Anti-seize, USE IT!

Tools you should never have to use on a bicycle: Mapp gas torches and chisels. I used both on Friday. The crank arms on this particular bike were seized onto the bottom bracket spindle. Seized on so well that using a crank arm extractor tool ended up stripping out the threads from the softer aluminum […]

Monthly bike related post…

I just sat down to write a blog post and realized it’s exactly one month since I last wrote, the 20th of September. New goal, one post per week. Interbike was fun. Based on comments from those who attended in years prior, the amount of schwag was way down, and attributed to the slow economy. […]

Bike Shaped Objects

As someone who has helped many folks buy bicycles both used and new, I’m surprised I haven’t shared this information on the blog sooner. There are Bikes and then there are Bike Shaped Objects. I use the term “Bikes” to mean bicycles purchased at bike shops or bike shop bicycles purchased used on Craigslist or […]

Hello again bike lovers!

I’ve not posted in awhile, but I have motivations to get it going regularly again, starting with a short bike related news update. A month or so ago I started working for The Bicycle Cellar. They’re a great full service bike shop and commuter facility (secure parking, showers, etc) located on the ground floor of […]

A Bike filled Day

Started out this morning teaching 3 hours of the LAB TS101 bike education course. Due to rain and other issues we postponed the parking lot drills & road test until next month. I’m holding the class again on Saturday March 20th, 10am – 3pm, mark your calendars! After class I had the opportunity to ride […]

New Bike! 2009 Kona UTE

Can you really ever own too many bikes? I don’t think so. I actually didn’t purchase a whole bike, just 1/3 of it. The Bicycle Cellar, fellow TBAG board member Joe Perez and I each went in 33.3% on a 2009 Kona UTE cargo bike . I’ve always wanted a cargo bike, but I just […]

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