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Phoenix Metro Bike Month Events

I spent most of the month of March away from biking, time to bring it back. April is the Valley’s Bike Month, one month before the rest of the country due to the impending hot weather. Rather than post all the events here, hop on over to Tempe Bicycle Action Group’s Bike Month Post. In […]

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Stop Driving, Start Pedaling; a response to GM

I own a motor vehicle, though certainly not a GM. I use it regularly, more than I’d care to. However, there’s no reason for any company or individual to imply that riding a bike is embarrassing in any way. Bicycles are way cooler than motor vehicles. Though the title of this post may imply that […]

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Random thoughts on bike maintenance

On bringing back gummed up trigger shifters from the dead. I used to apply Tri-flow liberally, let it sit, actuate the shifters and blow the Tri-flow out with an air compressor. MESSY! Usually had to repeat this process at least twice. Now using an ultrasonic cleaner with full strength Simple Green brings shifters back to […]

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Placing a value on taking a pedicab

This is going to be a long post with some philosophizing and storytelling, so my suggestion would be to read this with a beer if you have one. First, let me start by saying that using a pedicab service in the greater Phoenix area is actually fairly affordable. By contrast, in San Diego, CA, the […]

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